The digital transformation has seen several businesses exploit the online platform to improve the efficiency of their service delivery and increase their clientele base. Through various channels, businesses have been able to market their products and services and connect to their customers. eNotary is a major provider of remote online notary tools within the industry, enabling businesses to perform their various tasks. Through online notarization, businesses authenticate and sign agreements, making the business processes flow seamlessly. The proper functioning of the online processes makes the customers and business owners speed up their functions and get the required result without any delays and challenges. There are several solutions that eNotary provides for businesses, such as:


In financial institutions, an online notary makes the processes flow easily, with clients able to handle their accounts whenever and wherever they are. The presence of e-signing and notarization in a financial institution gives financial business clients the ease to access their funds without having to visit their physical institution. Some of the solutions provided for financial institutions include custom data retention policies through the secured and trusted platform due to the RON certification. Also, the process is private and secure, which assures the safety of the customers’ data that gets stored and transmitted securely. The online rotary platform meets the SOC 2 and MISMO certifications, making them very secure. Also, digital services enable businesses to achieve growth quickly by spending less time handling too much paperwork, making the business owner focus on the more critical parts of the business.


Legal teams are essential in executing specific business processes like signing contracts and various business documents. eNotary provides readily available online notary services, which reduces the amount of paperwork and expenses on the services they deliver. The online services enable businesses to manage their documents with complete legal compliance so that the business and the client information doesn’t get compromised and leave them vulnerable. Additionally, the online services facilitate signing possibilities through several integrations, making it easy to authenticate documents and files necessary for the service delivery. Regardless of the kind of enterprise, online services work effectively for the business and the clients hence the need to exploit the various benefits.

Real estate

Real estate businesses have several activities that run concurrently to facilitate the proper running of the enterprise and handling of the clients. The presence of an online platform to manage the whole business makes it easy to undertake the various real estate procedures and maximize output and service delivery. All the processes, including online notary consent documents and the closing phase, get handled online. The beauty is that the involved parties get saved from the numerous and time-consuming paperwork. The online signature option enables the involved parties to sign the various documents to make them authentic as required legally. eNotary has functional real estate integrations, making it possible for the different parties to communicate effectively and have a seamless workflow of tasks.