Printed Boxes for your business can really help build brand awareness and boost sales. In this economy, it’s important that you maximize every dollar you spend – and promotional materials are one of your most cost-effective ways to do that. Ordering custom printed boxes for your business is an affordable advertising solution.

One of the most popular options for printed packaging boxes is using cardboard. Cardboard offers several advantages over typical plastics, including durability, cost and a non-reflective surface. Cardboard is also more affordable, because they tend to be less complicated to produce. When you order printed cardboard boxes using modern printing methods, your clients will absolutely notice the significant difference – even if your products look exactly the same!

Many businesses have found great success in their efforts to use custom printed boxes for their promotions by printing only the necessary information on the outside of the box, while leaving the inside free. For example, some printers can create your company logo and website address, and then print the box in a matte finish that’s slightly darker than regular cardboard. This allows your marketing materials to really pop – and leave your potential customers with a lasting reminder of your business. Many printing companies also offer a variety of pre-printed, personalized matte black printing options for this purpose.

Another option you might consider for your next promotional item would be polystyrene. This amazing material is used in everything from soda can lids to milk cartons, and has virtually no bleed through. Because of its superior quality and durability, polystyrene has become a very popular printing material for both custom packaging and printed cardboard boxes. However, one downside to this material is that it’s rather messy. If you aren’t planning on using disposable items, it might work well for your marketing purposes – but if you do plan to offer your customer options for different colored options, this could become an irritant to those who have to bear with a lot of polystyrene waste.

Finally, another option you might consider for your next promotional item would be rigid boxes. Like cardboard, rigid boxes are both convenient and affordable for many uses, and are especially suitable for short-term promotions that don’t require much expense in order to implement. Of course, like all products, there are disadvantages to using rigid boxes. First, in order to really maximize the benefits of this marketing tool, you’ll need to know which sizes will best suit your target audience and overall advertising needs. Also, since you’ll be paying more for these boxes than other options, you’ll need to make sure that your finances can cover the cost involved without straining the company.

Overall, the best thing about using marketing tools such as rigid boxes for your next promotion would be that you can ensure that the marketing message stays on top of customers’ minds. This is especially true if you use bright colors on these boxes, or if you print your company logo or slogan on them. For effective printing, you may also want to consider printing your company website address on the box or, at the very least, make it prominent. If you’re not doing so, you might be taking a risk by giving your customers something new to remember your brand by, which is a fine thing, but you wouldn’t want people to be reminded of your product all the time. In the end, this type of packaging is the simplest way to ensure that your message reaches the public.