In the present days, kids are spending most of their time playing mobile games which is not at all good in any aspect. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, physical activity is essential for all age groups. Be it adults or kids running or walking is essential for a disease-free life.

Sources say that every kid has to do some sort of physical exercise for at least 1 hour each day. The best way to achieve this is by running after wearing suitable kids running shoes.

Benefits of running for kids who run daily

Everyone can achieve something when they exercise. Mainly kids who always stay active will have the following benefits compared to the kids who stay at home with their mobiles in their hands.

  • These kids have very less chance to be overweight in the coming future.
  • They will have low blood pressure as they won’t have any pending stress or anxiety.
  • As they burn most of their body fat they stay lean which is good for their sports career if they are interested.
  • Their cholesterol levels will also be moderate and they will be active all day.

Kids who have running habits will have more motivation to handle things and to make sure they are physically fit to run always make them wear kids running shoes whenever they are outside. Doing this can motivate them to run more.

Things that are visible on kids that have a running habit

All kids are mostly happy and glowing, but kids who run in their past time with encouragement from their parents and even sports teachers have the following characteristics

  • These children will have more IQ compared to the inactive and lazy kids. This is because of the release of brain chemicals because of the running activity.
  • These kids will always be happy as they will have a high metabolism and the endorphins that get secreted when they run make them active and happy always.
  • Taking part in any group activity along with the family members wearing their favorite kids running shoes can make them happy and that run will be a fun one as the whole family will take part in that.

What is the correct age to start running?

There is no specific age for kids to start running when they do this just for fun. But when they are participating in any running events it is better to make them start after they reach 8 to 10 years of age.


There are specific kilometers up to which kids can run and beyond that, it is not considered to be safe. Parents have to make sure that kids follow necessary precautions and they are wearing their kids running shoes before setting their foot on the field.

Depending on the age of the kids, they can run the kilometers under parental guidance. Always check with the doctor before making them run for longer distances.

  • Children under 9 can run up to 3km
  • From ages 9 to 11 can run up to 5 km
  • From ages 12 to 14 they can run up to 10km
  • Kids around ages 15 and 16 can run a half marathon if they are interested.