Consult any health care expert or even a good nutritionist, for better health, they will advise fresh juice as one of the best things to be done early morning. But people are living such a busy schedule that to peel off the fruit, make juice from it and clean the utensil just seems to be hectic. But there is no doubt that fresh juices can be the best remedy to deal with any kind of illness such as cancer. It also acts as a detoxifier for the body and thus removes all the toxins that often get accumulated. To make a smart investment in some juicer that can give fresh juice, one must explore some of the best cold press juicers available in the market over the traditional option.

Understand the cold press juicers key principle:

Before looking for the best cold press juicers one needs to understand how it exactly works. To be precise the juicers would first gently press the fruits or vegetables placed in it so there is a good juice extraction However, the juicers would ensure no rich nutrient content gest compromised at all. This way the oxidation risk also reduces as it does not use any kind of heat too. Those who must have used hand crank citrus juicers probably will understand that the working of cold pressing is just the same. That is why it gives fresh fruits and is highly recommended too.

Benefits that cannot be ignored:

Every cold press juicer is designed in such a manner that it gives an individual a good quality of juice along with some dry pulp which can be yielded well. Now the individual doesn’t have to visit the juice center to get fresh juice when the cold press can yield the right result. It has a tough auger and a powerful motor while the juicer is quite capable of extracting every ounce of the juice.

  • No compromise with nutrients and vitamins:

The real purpose of getting such cold press juicers is to let the body consume all the vitamins and nutrients that often are not received. That is such juicers can ensure all the nutrients are protected against oxidation during the whole juice extraction process. Since there will be a low speed of working and the heat will not rise too, the juice will not damage any enzymes or nutrients that are needed.

  • Easy cleaning:

Of all other reasons, this multifunctional juice can be a lifesaver since it can be cleaned off easily. All it requires for good cleaning is water and later to be rinsed off thoroughly. The juicers don’t need any dismantling process to be done and yet they can manage to extract juice from different fruits and vegetables.


There is no doubt once the person gets the best cold press juicers it would be a beneficial investment, especially considering overall health as a primary factor. Such juicers may come expensive but the market is huge and so is the competition. Set a budget and explore some of the best juicers that are available within the budget and offer quality output too. As compared to masticating, twin gear or centrifugal such juicer is worth the right option to try out.