Windows screens are excellent to add protection to homes. It helps to stay away from pests, bugs without blocking the fresh air into the homes. Besides that, a window screen is helpful to filter the sunlight and keep the noise away.

Unfortunately, the windows screen gets damaged due to prolonged exposure to the external environment. Hence, people may need home window screen repair services to keep it workable. In addition, the window screen joints may lose, and the mesh gets damaged.

However, some window screen damages are easy to repair at homes, such as minor holes, tears, and other damages. In addition, people can use several tools to fix the issues. So, here are the simple hacks that help fix the damage on their own.

Stepwise Guide to Replace the Window Screen

A window screen with large holes may invite bugs and dust into the homes. If anyone sees the screen holes, it is the right time to replace the window screen. Replacing the window screen is very easy. Here’s how to do it by following these methods.

  1. Remove the Damaged Window Screen Mesh
  •       Foremost remove the window screen mesh with the help of tools and lay it on the plain working surface.
  •       Now, use the flathead and slotted screwdriver to open the screws and meddle the screen spline from the window grooves present around the frame edges.
  •       If one is having wooden screen frames, they can use nails and staples to hold the window mesh. First, meddle out all the staples with the help of the staple and screwdriver. Moreover, one can use the claw hammer to take out the nails.
  •       Now, remove the damaged windows screen mesh.
  1. Cut Out New Windows Screen Mesh

The next step is to roll out the new screen mesh and stretch out the window frames. Try to stretch it properly to cover the frame and retain the grooves completely. Make sure to leave the extra screen on the frame to secure it properly.

Now, cure the necessary screen with the help of scissors. Unfortunately, sometimes users cannot perform the step by themselves so they can take the help of home window screen repair services.

  1. Secure Window Screen Mesh

Once after cutting the window screen mesh, a person needs to spline rollers to the screen and press in firmly on the frame. This will help to adjust the new screen panel and retain the groves. For the Windows wooden frame, staple the nail and place it into place with the help of wire brads. Again, make sure to use the mesh and avoid overstretching.

  1. Cut Out Excess Window Screen Mesh

After fixing the window screen mesh, cut out the excess mesh from the window. People can use scissors and a knife to cut out the extra mesh. Make sure not to cut the mesh into splines. Last but not the least, reinstall the window, and it is done with the replacement.

Bottom Line

Window screen mesh is helpful to avoid sunlight, bugs, and other unwanted creatures away from home. So, if anyone notices a minor issue or wants to replace the window screen panel, these steps can help fix the screen mesh on their own.