We will save you some reading time by saying yes right ahead, but it really depends on who your movers are. Many professional movers in Toronto have supply stores where you can buy everything you need in terms of moving supplies, from moving boxes to TV kits. Companies such as Let’s Get Moving therefore become a one-stop-shop for people planning a house or an office move. They even offer delivery or pickup options, not to even mention special discounts for buying in bulk! Of course, there are some aspects you should be mindful of when buying moving supplies, since there are huge differences between a company and another. This article aims to highlight the things you should pay attention to when buying moving supplies from your Toronto house movers.

Top movers in Toronto usually provide quality moving supplies

For the sake of easy profit, some companies might sell cheap moving supplies – and sometimes even advertise it as premium. But don’t worry, a reputable Toronto moving company will never reside to selling cheap moving supplies. After all, they probably spent many years and effort to get to where they got and to earn a good position on the market. They will not risk on jeopardizing it with a few poorly-crafted moving boxes that will crack under the first weight. So if you chose your professional Toronto movers wisely, you should not have this problem. Since your moving supplies will be used for items of all sizes and weights, you really want them to be heavy-duty. Even if you only use them once, you reduce the risk of accidents this way. So they might cost a little more, but the extra money is worth it. Just remember that they will hold your beloved books, electronics, and memories of all other kinds. You wouldn’t really want to risk dropping any of these down the stairs and then rolling out of a cheap moving box that was poorly secured, right? The top movers in Toronto would never allow this to happen nor encourage it by selling you anything less than premium quality.

Make a list and consult it with your moving company

All professional movers in Toronto have what is a called a moving consultant, who is basically a person specialized in moving-related estimates of all kinds. They will be able to offer you cost estimates, time estimates, and even resource estimates, based on the information you provide. So if you know exactly what and how many items you have to pack, call your Toronto house movers and consult with them. Most of the times the estimates are very accurate, and you will be amazed at how precise these people can be! At Let’s Get Moving, we sometimes wonder what kind of sorceries our moving consultants work with, since they can get such precise estimations. The idea is that you might estimate you need 40 large boxes, but instead you only need a maximum of 30. Or even worse, you only buy boxes of one size, but they are not suitable for all the items you need to pack. Being left with lots of moving supplies is not the best thing, since you spend a lot of money on them. They are not always easy to store and, unless calculated properly, these moving supplies could end up being a bit of a waste of money. Luckily, this is what consultants are for. Call your professional movers in Toronto and ask all the information and advice you need!

There are many sustainable options to choose from

If you are interested in protecting the environment or you are more of a no-waster, this is for you. And the best part is that many of these will also end up costing you less than their less sustainable alternatives. One of the best examples of sustainable option is choosing a moving bin over the classic moving boxes made of cardboard. The moving bins are heavy-duty plastic and you can rent them directly from your favourite Toronto house movers – Let’s Get Moving. As for other items, in our shop there are reusable mattress bags that can also be used in storage, there are TV bags and TV kits, art kits and boxes, and many, many other solutions for your move. Once you tell us what your preferences are, we can help configure the best solutions.

From mattress bags to dish sets, there are plenty of moving supplies that will make your life easier and store your items safer. Let’s Get Moving- Moving Company can offer you everything you need and also consult you regarding the amount of moving supplies necessary for your move. If you wish, we can have them delivered at your door or you can pick them up from our headquarters in Toronto. Should packing not be on your list of priorities, the professional house movers at Let’s Get Moving are also professional packers and can do it for you. Call us today to inquire and book all the services and supplies you need!