Knee and bone problems are on the increase. Knee joint complications can make the most basic activities such as bending, lifting, walking, and climbing a painful hell. Many people try to manage joint discomfort with home-based solutions, but often the pain persists. Joint pains can be excruciating and can slow down productivity.

 Do not neglect persistent knee joint because it can immobilize you and affect your general health. Visit knee doctor Georgia to have a professional help regain function and give your life back.

What you need to know

  • Knee pain is common among athletes and aging adults. It can also be caused by knee injury or repeated stress and strain on a joint.
  • Common knee issues include sprained ligaments, arthritis, and cartilage rupture.
  • A medical examination requires diagnostic procedures such as MRI, CT scan, or x-ray to ascertain the extent of the problem.
  • Intervention for knee joint problems can be both invasive and non-operative. The intervention depends on the severity of the problem and the type of injury.

Common Knee Problems

 As earlier mentioned, the common cause of knee problems is continual wear and tear and stress.

1.    Strained ligaments

A sudden twist or blow to the knee can cause a sprain. The symptoms of strained knee ligaments include difficulty walking, pain that increases when you assert pressure on the knee, and swelling.

2.    Ruptured cartilage

Your knees have shock absorbers that protect you from sudden stress. However, trauma to the knee area can wear out connective tissues compromising stability.

A torn cartilage can often cause sprains. The knee doctor may need you to wear a brace to protect the joint from further injury. If the problem persists, surgery may be necessary to help regain function.

3.    Inflammation of the tendons


The overuse of a tendon during physical activities can cause inflammation. Repeated physical activity such as jumping, cycling, and running involves the same tendon’s movement for a long time.

Inflammation of the tendon is also called tendonitis and is common among basketball players. In basketball, the force of hitting the ground immediately after a jump stresses the tendon, therefore inflaming it.

4.    Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common knee and joint problem. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that wears out the cartilage in the knee joint.   Arthritis is common among middle-aged and older adults.

On the other hand, rheumatoid arthritis significantly affects younger adults. It affects the knees by inflaming the cartilage causing discomfort and pain.

Symptoms of knee joint problem

The severity of the joint pain varies depending on the cause of the knee issue. Common signs and symptoms include;

  • Swelling and stiffness at the injury area
  • Redness and warmth may cause fever. This is typically a sign of developing inflammation.
  • Weakness and difficulty to stabilize
  • Inability to straighten the knee and increased pain with strain
  • Popping and crunching noise on movement

You need to call a knee joint doctor if the pain becomes unbearable, or deformities develop. An experienced doctor will advise on the best intervention to help regain function.