As most of the world began adjusting to the COVID-19 norms over the past few months, many individuals started exploring remote working. With remote working, individuals could keep working for their companies from different parts of the world. This opened up a ton of opportunities and choices.

Many individuals decided to go on workcations, where we got to work from a destination of our choice. This way, individuals could easily take some time off work and enjoy their stay at a pleasant location. While keeping up with the deadlines is important, it is also crucial that you protect yourself from unprecedented emergencies on your trip. Among the best ways to protect yourself on vacation is getting a travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance policies are insurance products that offer you coverage for various emergencies and events that you may face on your trip. It will help if you compare travel insurance plans online before selecting one.

Most insurers like Tata AIG allow customers to purchase travel insurance online. With online travel insurance plans, you get to make an informed decision while purchasing the policy. First, however, you must check a few things while purchasing travellers insurance.

Things to Check When Buying Travel Insurance Cover

Given below are certain aspects that you must check when purchasing a travel insurance policy:

  1. Policy type: The most important thing you must check when selecting a travel insurance plan is the tenure you need for travel insurance coverage. As several traveler insurance plans are available for multiple or single trips, you must make an informed decision when purchasing the policy.

Multiple trip policies are offered for a limited tenure, so if you have planned a few back-to-back trips during a specific tenure, opting for a multi-trip travel insurance policy will be quite optimal. However, if you’re going on a single trip, getting a single trip travel insurance plan would be suitable.

  • Coverage for trip cancellation: While you may have planned for everything before your trip, you may face unexpected issues that may lead to your trip’s cancellation. For instance, you may experience a medical emergency at home, or your workload may increase because of an emergency at the office.

Events like these are not predictable. They can disrupt your entire trip, and you may also miss out on the bookings that you have made. Therefore, you must check the coverage for trip cancellation before purchasing the policy.

  • Valuable objects coverage: If you’re carrying valuable objects like jewellery, cash, expensive laptops, electronic devices, etc., holding a suitable travel insurance plan which provides coverage for these items can be quite beneficial.

Therefore, you must check for the coverage you are liable to get through your travel insurance policy for events in which you might end up losing these valuables. Learning about the coverage for these instances will help you ensure you will be financially compensated during emergencies.

  1. Medical emergencies: Facing a medical emergency like injuries, flu, etc., on your vacation can be quite stressful. Moreover, getting the appropriate medical attention for the ailment you face can disrupt your trip budget. Along with this, the medical bills if you’re abroad can be quite high and can severely impact your budget for the trip. Therefore, you must check for travel medical insurance coverage you get for medical emergencies.
  2. Personal liability: Events like accidents are quite unpredictable, and you never know when you may face one. If you injure a third-party individual or their property, you may have to provide the reimbursements for the damages that you have caused. These events can disrupt your trip and the budget you have planned. Therefore, you must check your travel insurance cover for its coverage for personal liabilities.

Keeping these points in mind when purchasing the travel insurance plan will help you decide when purchasing travel insurance. Apart from these factors, you must also consider a few tips to ease out the process of purchasing the travel insurance policy and getting the coverage.

Important Points to Remember When Purchasing Travel Insurance

  1. Learn about the terminology: It will help if you learn about the terminology used in travel insurance. In addition, it will lower your chances of being confused about the coverage offered by the plan.
  2. Exclusions: It would be better if you learned about the exclusions of the plan that you are purchasing. For instance, you must check certain exclusions in the coverage for certain activities. Learning about the exclusions can be quite beneficial for getting the appropriate coverage.
  3. Review the coverage: After purchasing the policy, you must read through the policy document to review the coverage you are liable to get through the plan. You should be aware of the coverage you can get through the plan.
  4. Learn about the claim process: Every insurer has a unique travel insurance claim process that you must follow to get the appropriate insurance coverage. Therefore, you must learn about your insurer’s claim process for the travel insurance plan that you have chosen.


You must check a few things like your travel insurance type, the coverage for valuable objects, medical emergencies, etc. Checking these things while purchasing the plan will help you purchase optimal travel insurance coverage for yourself. Safe travels!